Friday, May 29, 2009

My boring sunday

My boring sunday become and excited day. I was boring for the whole day and decided to pay a visit to baby keith .. well this cute baby had grown up quite fast and he's able to walk now !! bravo, bonus without helps frm parents !! Later, I headed to KL town to capture some night pictures + lights !! I learn something new about capturing the night !! i was amazed and love it ..

but all pictures was perfect with baby keith .... he's dam cute !!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

hutan sg lipur kanching @ rawang

Hutan sg lipur kanching @ rawang, A day at the waterfall with dudek + Grace + Helen + desiree !!! It was fun, cant recall when was my last visit to a waterfall !!! Should try it again .. hehehe !! it was refreshing and everyone was enjoy ... we climb to the top and lucky there was no one there and it feels like owing the whole waterfall ... the water was dam cold !!! I was standing right bottom of the waterfall water flows ... it was a good nature massage !!! but at the end I was freezing !!!
I learn something new here, how to capture dreamy water with a slower shutter speed !! OMG, my camera was all kind of wet !! should had prepare something to prevent tat .... I bought my tripod there too .... Will do a better picture capture at my next visit to a waterfall and tis time I'll do preparation to prevent my camera and lens to be wet !!!

it was good to be back once again to the green zone !!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PC Fair 2009 by Pikom

1st PC Fair by Pikom 2009, the GDH group is working for seagate !! I was there to join the fun with mingkee + OJ + david ... it was so crowded and wish i was not there. If you are not planning to buy anything, do not go there unless you have other intention !! PC fair is getting bigger and bigger and the crowd was larger then before .... dam pack !!! 
Later headed to Times Square to locate Ronald and gf, for transport to go home cause i didnt drive to KL !! tumpang-lah, save petrol !!! was kind of regret because frm KLCC to times, i tooked a taxi cause it was raining !! trust me, If i wanna vote worst taxi in the world, I would vote my country....out of 15 taxi I found 1 whois honest !!WTF !! it cost me less then RM5 to reach times, but all the con TAXI was charging me RM10 ... i was so angry, I say Fuck Off to few of the TAXI !!! should the goverment do something about it ..??? jialat !!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunburst 2009 @ KL International Music Festival

Sunburst 2009 @ KL International Music Festival. its was awesome .. the event start at 2pm till late night 2am ... 12 hours of music + beer !!! Lots of people party from the evening till late night !! I was there at 11.30 pm was kind of late but I did not miss the performance by KORN ... I finally meet them !!! YES !!! I was listening to their music since I was in high school ... I still remember the song name a.d.i.d.a.s (all daylong I dream abou sex) ... so you again @ sunburst 2010

 Korn did mention tat "It tooked them fucking 15 years to come here" lol .... wht to do, our country ban lots of things ... heheh, for your information ...

more info at : indomeez sunburst & indomeez Korn (1 video included)

p/s : Thanks Ringo for the tickets

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My date with Siew Teng

My lovely sunday with siew teng. Having a date with her to midvalley @ KL for a movie and dinner !! thanks for the gold class movie ticket and I do enjoy it !! Siew Teng, she's a lovely girl and the best i ever know to me ... i do enjoy my time with her. she sweet too ... 
I love taking pictures of her with her hair ....cause she looks nature with it !!! Hope it wont be my last date with her ... will date her again if I had a chance ... till then, here I wish you all the happiness and beautiful day awaits you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ringo @ Cheeserland

She is Ringo frm .... she's one of the famous blogger in M'sia. Well she was doing this advertorial for levis jeans and i was so busybody..steal some of the photos frm her blog and turn it into a poster ...
read about her fashion post here at :
Well this is indeed a small world .. I still remember when my 1st time attend to some blogger events, I did meet her and even take pictures and say hi to her ... back then it was just a Hi Bye friends but now I get to know her more by seeing her in person and also by reading her blogs .... Trust me, You'll never find so many cheezeeee else where ... its all at her blog and she's very intresting person who travels around !!! 
so plzz cheese her at

Happy Birthday Kar Wai @ Poppi KL

Happy Birthday to Kar Wai @ Poppi (KL). Thanks for the invitation, this is my 1st visit to the club poppi ... dnt laugh I knw I'm outdated. When time goes and when you getting older, clubbing aint my kind !!! Most of the youngster (student & college boys & girls) will be here. Indomee + Subang Indomee was here to join the fun !!! I was bz taking photos on tat day !!
Special guest : Grace & ah yee join the fun here ...
Birthday boy was totally drunk by the end of the day !!! Once again I would like to wish you....Happy Birthday Kar Wai !!!

Si Yeh Miu @ Temple at Petaling Street

Temple at Petaling Street, a day with the crazy group name GDH (Grace Desiree Helen) to pray pray at this old temple. It was my 1st visit to a temple in this year. This is my second visit to this temple. If I not mistaken the name of the temple is Si Yeh Miu.

For more info about tat day, Please visit : indomeez

Next Temple Project I'm heading to Tian Hao Gong @ KL near MidValley !!!

Monday, May 4, 2009 new banner, done by helenK. HelenK the little blogger frm Malaysia writes about her toy wall-e and puzzles of her life. All she needs was her camera + wall-E. She also work at lots of events and she's funny. Feel free to visit her blog. The name wall3 refer to wall E and walking refer to her journey i guess.

HelenK also member of the indomeez. Hope to see more of her post soon.

Happy Birthday to Wyanne @ RockMount Sunway

Happy Birthday to Wyanne @ RockMount Sunway!! Indomeez and friends gather here to celebrate Waynee birthday. We had lots of fun tat night !! I was late for the cake celebration but not miss any fun of it .. eveyone was enjoy and fung sing on stage dedicated to wyanne. Another April girl whois mien also celebrate her belated birthday here. Special guest, denise and bf ... long time never see them. Also meet new friend name billy, such a nice and funny guy. Its been quite a while since our last gathering .. miss those days !!

p/s : Happy Birthday to Wyanne and Mien, may your wishes come true and always look beautiful.