Tuesday, November 4, 2008

beer fest @ 1 Utama 2008

beer fest @ 1 Utama ... it's crazy here because RM1 per bottle of german beer ... I just cant get enough of hoegaarden ... a day with mien + sean with sunway indomee ... its crazy with the amount of beer ...!! today is just the 1st day and it will end on sunday means 3 days in a row !!! beer beer beer, i love drinking beer, beer beer beer, im going for a beer ... this song is just stuck on my head !!!!

Halloween Party with nuffnang & nokia

This year halloween is fun with nokia & nuffnang (venue : borneo baruk club).... today all bloggers meet up and dress up as celebrities to attend the halloween night !!! I dress up as jack sparrow !! went there with helen & mien from indomee ...we have so much fun ... for more spooky about tat night click on the link : I’m Going to Win a Nokia N96 With My Blog Post !!!