Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My sandals adventure @ sungai lipur kanching

My sandals adventure @ sungai lipur kanching at rawang. Im so pity my sandals suffering the ups and down hill ... lucky it doesnt give up and manage to accomplished the task. On my way to top i saw many sandals had torn but my sandals made it. Actually i didnt knw it was so tough. My 1st trip was only half way .... tis is my 2nd trip !! didnt knw the road to the top was kind of hard and tat's why i use sandals ...going downhill was a challenge for me and my sandals !! i will never wear a sandals to come here again !! I was been bitten by some lich too ... I will take my revenge on them by burning them to hell !! At the top we relax with a can of beer ... !! it was fun and healthy !! back to nature !!