Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zero to Sexy @ 1 Utama

Zero to Sexy by triumph @ 1 Utama featuring fashion on 1 2009.

Triumph has introduced their "ZERO TO SEXY" Maximizer Bra".

Get 1 set at RM180, exclusively at Parkson.

gosh !! i should do this fashion shoots more often ....

Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 @ Malaysia. My 1st time playing with big balloons with my camera ... a beautiful day to capture the balloons but the weather here kind of hot.. thanks to Sharon for the information. I was here with helen ... cause she's my model for tat day and also the balloons ... while waiting for the event to start ... we take some shoots nearby ...actually if you not planning to sit on it ... there's nothing much to say about it .... we misses the chance to sit the balloons to the sky cause it was only available in the morning ... darn !! mayb next year i come back for more ...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jaya One Bazaar

Jaya One Bazaar is coming to town on the 1st May 2009. Catch all the cheap and affordable goodies here while shop at the new cold storage and enjoy all kinds of food here. The Jaya One Bazaar will be the best bazaar in town due to the upcoming events and function tat will be having here. For all the blogshop out there, if you planning to have a stall at affordable price, try to call now to get the best offer.

See you guys there at the openning on the 1st MAY 2009.
For more info :

1 Night at 1 Utama

1 night at 1 Utama .. learning how to capture ray of lights of highway with mien + helen. It was fun to learn here where nobody were disturbing you and quite windy. Lucky it didnt rain!! It was my very 1st attempt and i find it great !! btw i did use a tripod to capture it otherwise i wont be as nice as usual by hand !! maybe the picture above seems to be over expose cause i try to make it like HDR pictures ... hehe !! just try and error kind of stuff ... at least today I go home with some new knowledge about camera !! thanks helen and mien for their time also ...

MAPO fair 2009 @ KLCC

MAPO 2009 @ KLCC. Malaysian Association of Practising Opticians. This year MAPO doesnt have branded optical such as Gucci, Cristian Dior and etc .. wht a supprise !! anyway lots of hot chicks with sexy sunglasses ... I was here with mien + ronald !! Mien borther was 1 of the committee members of MAPO. I meet some friends here also, such as ban chew who is working here for his company (didnt get his name card) and also yuen yuen as a model for the MAPO. We had a great day here at KLCC and headed to chilis for tea.

for more info about MAPO please click HERE.
for more pictures at MAPO 2009 please click HERE.