Tuesday, November 4, 2008

beer fest @ 1 Utama 2008

beer fest @ 1 Utama ... it's crazy here because RM1 per bottle of german beer ... I just cant get enough of hoegaarden ... a day with mien + sean with sunway indomee ... its crazy with the amount of beer ...!! today is just the 1st day and it will end on sunday means 3 days in a row !!! beer beer beer, i love drinking beer, beer beer beer, im going for a beer ... this song is just stuck on my head !!!!


kennhyn said...

I'm there too, we drink until very high and drunk, if your there for Saturday u sure saw us....cheers!!!

Some tips of drinking Hoegaarden, you should try to squeeze some lemon into the drink, taste even nicer.

check out my blot at http://beerbeer.org for more beer info....cheers!

imblogger@sh ™ said...

thnks kennhyn ... i'll try !!!

white@milk said...

hei, wan go pall mall wan ?