Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunburst 2009 @ KL International Music Festival

Sunburst 2009 @ KL International Music Festival. its was awesome .. the event start at 2pm till late night 2am ... 12 hours of music + beer !!! Lots of people party from the evening till late night !! I was there at 11.30 pm was kind of late but I did not miss the performance by KORN ... I finally meet them !!! YES !!! I was listening to their music since I was in high school ... I still remember the song name a.d.i.d.a.s (all daylong I dream abou sex) ... so you again @ sunburst 2010

 Korn did mention tat "It tooked them fucking 15 years to come here" lol .... wht to do, our country ban lots of things ... heheh, for your information ...

more info at : indomeez sunburst & indomeez Korn (1 video included)

p/s : Thanks Ringo for the tickets