Thursday, May 28, 2009

hutan sg lipur kanching @ rawang

Hutan sg lipur kanching @ rawang, A day at the waterfall with dudek + Grace + Helen + desiree !!! It was fun, cant recall when was my last visit to a waterfall !!! Should try it again .. hehehe !! it was refreshing and everyone was enjoy ... we climb to the top and lucky there was no one there and it feels like owing the whole waterfall ... the water was dam cold !!! I was standing right bottom of the waterfall water flows ... it was a good nature massage !!! but at the end I was freezing !!!
I learn something new here, how to capture dreamy water with a slower shutter speed !! OMG, my camera was all kind of wet !! should had prepare something to prevent tat .... I bought my tripod there too .... Will do a better picture capture at my next visit to a waterfall and tis time I'll do preparation to prevent my camera and lens to be wet !!!

it was good to be back once again to the green zone !!!


white@milk said...

when go again . . .