Monday, January 19, 2009

Carke Quay @ Singapore

Carke Quay @ Singapore ... its a very happening place !!! Recently I had been to singapore for a short trip and one of my couz bought me here ... beside then the orchard road I think this is the best hang out place in Singapore ... !!! This Zirca club was used to be MOS .... guess wht ? be here on every wed, cause I can see girls more than guys at the club ... amazing seeing girls que for the line to the entrace !!! Where's all the guys ??? There's also lots of unique pub here ... but there's one tat catch my eye which is call the Clinic ... the whole concept was having a beer at the hospital .. sound funny rite ?? believe it anot !! its true ... there's also a bungy jump here !! anyone care for an xtreme sports ?? I will be back here again to venture more about tis place ... !! Clarke Quay .... play a host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops..!!


white@milk said...

i wan go also . . .but JB la . . .lol