Monday, September 15, 2008

Spicy McShaker & Spicy Chicken McNuggets

Spicy McShaker & Spicy Chicken McNuggets new at McDonald's for a limited time. In conjunction with Hari Raya, lets spice it up with McDonald. Spicy McShaker is french fries + chili powder and Spicy McNuggets come with new thai chili sauce. Must try if you love spicy food.


Ellie_pi said...

I haven't seen Mc Shaker for long time...aroung 4 years,I think...I damn addicted to it once,and I prefer the barbeque flavor.I thought it was axe-off by MC.

Big bang surprise!!!

imblogger@sh ™ said...

hmmm its been here 4 years ?? gosh where i live all these years ... :p

oj said...

i sudah makan lo last saturday . super spicy yo