Monday, August 18, 2008

Wall e

Wall e by pixar and disney. WALL-e reminds me of Johnny 5. From the movie of wall e, it sent us the message not to throw rubbish everywhere or else it will ended up like the movie. It also let us know there's no place like earth. We should love our world. People are getting lazy and depending more on technology ended up fat and not notice people around us. wall e love was touching which it do whatever it takes to protect eva and accomplish eva mission on finding a plant. Wall e has never give up on eva and ended up with tragedy but the movie ends well with a happy ending. We should keep our planet clean. Indomeez loves helen new toy (wall e) and inspire her to write blog based on wall e ( I bought a wall e too, kind of expensive for its price but it reminds me of the movie. I love wall e.